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Firstly, we have to let you know we all make mistakes but not all these frames are our mistakes!


The frames we sell are all mistakes or errors made in a manufacturing plant for a national window and door company - they manufacture over 4000 frames per week and the 1% they build in for mistakes (the 40 or so frames) we buy and sell on to you at a rate lower than trade price.

99% of the frames we have in stock are brand new. The common errors that occur are duplicated orders or the viewing from out/ in where doors have been hinged on the wrong side, colour is also an easy mistake to make in the order processing department, frames ordered in rosewood outside and white inside sometimes get processed as full rosewood inside and out.


Glass units usually take 3-5 working days from purchase, you can pay a deposit for the window and the glass will be ordered, when the glass comes in we will call you and arrange for you to collect glass and the window at the same time, you can if you wish to take the window on purchase and collect the glass when it comes into stock.


We are a friendly team who are 'Green' we like to recycle as much as possible and are here to save you money. If you are planning a project and can build around the windows these are ideal, if you are a keen DIY'er and need a lower than trade price deal get in touch and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.


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